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LittleBonsai was a product development studio run by Jake Felser and Ollie Haas.


We started LittleBonsai right after graduating from Olin College in May 2011. We were driven by the idea that all consumer products should be beautifully, durably and responsibly made. Our work ranged from toothbrushes to park benches and accessories that were developed both as internal projects and for external clients.

This website celebrates the two-year journey of LittleBonsai, including some of the highlights of our story and a selection of our work.

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-Jake and Ollie

The Work

A selection of our work: both internal projects and for external clients.

Like many design studios, there is unfortunately a lot of other work that we cannot you show here…

  • Money Clip

    The Clip

    The Clip was the world’s most talented keychain and our first product on the market. It was manufactured in the US and was featured on Gizmodo,...
  • rebrush_heads


    ReBrush was a toothbrush like never before that featured replaceable heads with a patent-pending attachment mechanism. The gorgeous, durable handles...
  • sbench_side


    S •Bench was a concept street bench developed for the Design Museum Boston Street Seats design challenge. Our brief was to design an iconic bench...
  • The iPhone 5 Card Case was the first product we developed for OnHand.


    Our partnership with OnHand developed while we were both finalists in the MassChallenge startup accelerator. Our first collaboration was on the...

The Milestones

A list of important dates and learnings from the LittleBonsai experience.

Get in Touch


Although LittleBonsai is no longer active, we would to love to hear from you with any questions, comments or with a quick line to say hello!


Both Jake and Ollie also still do some contract work and have good connections to the product design, product engineering and web-design/development communities. Feel free to get in touch if you have a project that you need help with!


+ 1 – 617 – 651 – 2667